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Creating bags is fun, seeing others enjoy them is even better

I love it when some one approaches me to simply let me know that they are still using and enjoying their purchases. It truly makes one feel like a million bucks.

I have no hopes of ever mastering the art of ‘ production line crafting,’ namely, producing cookie cutter content over and over again. On top of it I am messier than the stable keeper at Aegean and more forgetful than an 100 year old.

So, it means so much more to me when someone comes and tells me about my low key, not very neat and tidy looking bag working out for them.


AwesomeCon Was…..Awesome.

Kudos to whoever came up with this super catchy name, because it is also the most apt one. From the Dr. Who bonaza to Stan Lee and Will Wheaton, this was an awesome event. What makes an event like this outstanding though, are the fans. Colorful, enthusiastic, passionate and FUN. WTOP did a nice piece about it. Nonlinear Bags was there, of course, with my buddy Cierra Styles and here are some of the pictures –